Preventive health exams:

We provide preventive exams U2 to U 10 as well as adolescent examinations J1 and J2.
After an outpatient delivery, we offer examination U2 as a house call.
We also provide, of course, the Guthrie Test and a hearing test (OAE measurement).
With examination U3, we also perform an ultrasound examination of the hips.
This makes later appointments with orthopaedic physicians unnecessary.
In examinations U4 to U6, the motor development of the child is paramount.
Does muscle tension vary from the norm?
Is there a one-sided movement pattern?
Petra Püschel provides our practice with advice and treatment as an occupational therapist.
During the U7 and U9 examinations for smaller children, we spend up to an hour assessing the motor, linguistic, and emotional development of your child.
In the exams U 10 to U 11 for school children we pay specific attention to your child’s ability to concentrate and to individual aptitudes.
With adolescent examinations J1 and J2, we evaluate the physical and emotional development of young people.
During puberty, we provide reliable counselling for young people as well as their parents.
In our network you will find selected doctors and therapists who can assist you with any irregularities found during examinations.